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Driving on the road, you’re bound to encounter a few big trucks along the way. Truck drivers are busy driving these trucks, ensuring deliveries are made on time, so you’re able to enjoy the luxuries that life has afforded to you. without the trucking industry, things would certainly have a whole new outlook than now. But, there are a few things that truck drivers wish that you knew, because if you had the knowledge, it’d make things on the road safer for everyone, and a lot more comfortable, too. Here’s a few important things that truck drivers wish that you knew. Remember this information!

The Blind Spot

It is important to remember that truck drivers have a blind spot, just like most other drivers when they are sitting behind the wheel of their automobile. This is a spot where a driver is  unable to see their vehicle in any of their mirrors. This is very scary and can cause accidents very quickly. When you are driving, always keep the fact that there is a blind spot in mind. Be mindful of the blind spot, and try to stay out of the area to prevent accidents.

Give me Space


When truck drivers are making turns, they hate when vehicles try to get close to them and do not provide them the space needed to make the turn. They need you to realize this space is needed, and to back up just a little bit. It is dangerous when a truck is turning either left or right, so stay back, and give the drivers their space.

Watch for Lange Changes

Don’t abruptly change lanes when there is a truck in sight. They cannot stop as fast as a regular vehicle, and slowing down isn’t quite so easy, either. Always keep the fact that it takes longer to stop in mind when you’re sharing the road with a trucker. If you try to pass or go past them when they are making a turn, it could cause an accident that you do not want to experience.

Watch the Brights

It is easy to think that using bright lights is okay when you’re behind a big truck. After all, you’re just a tiny peon compared to their massive size, and you probably think the light doesn’t shine into their window. You can see better, and the world is great. Or, is it? But, this isn’t the case, and using your bright lights impacts the driver’s ability to clearly see the roads. In other words, just don’t do it.

There are many secrets like this that truck driver’s wish that you knew, but this begins to shed a little bit of light onto things. When you are on the road, remember that you are sharing it with others, including truckers driving these huge rigs filled with oil, gasoline, food, animals, boxes, and other items. Always be respectful of other drivers, and you shouldn’t have any problems at all!