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This article can be divided into two parts when motivating its readers to take advantage of prime locations. The prime location in question, this time around, is that of a new Singaporean landmark in the form of the artra residential complex. It is the latest addition by a conglomerate of businesses, investors, developers and talented architects. Whenever someone walks by this complex, or views it from a distance, luxury is foremost on the tips of his or her lips. Any passerby could easily be thinking of family, wondering what it must be like to live here.

Or as is the case mostly today, the passerby, also on the internet these days, will be thinking just how much value he could add to his investment portfolio by investing in this luxurious new development. As a shrewd investor, he will already have viewed the portfolio or prospectus of available apartments. If he is satisfied, he will act quickly and sign on the dotted line as a new owner. All others looking in, but never going through the front door, in spite of the given invitation, need to act quickly before all remaining apartments are snapped up.

So, the two-pronged approach to this article has been revealed. No matter how luxurious or opulent this complex may appear to be to outsiders, the complex is ideal for family living. Three or four bed-roomed apartments are available to fit this purpose. Neighbors, resonating well with Singaporeans’ ability to be culturally tolerant and law abiding, will be respectful of each other and amenities within the complex should be child friendly. Of course, it goes without saying that the younger the child is, the closer the good parent must be.


So, in any case, never let your small child out of site. And you never need to be gone long from home either. You can take your child downstairs with you and go and do your usual spot of shopping. As a business investment, it remains essential for all investors to provide their clients with as much convenience as possible. It adds exponential value to their investment. Even if there were no shopping centers downstairs, as is the case here, residential tenants are still within close proximity to all the usual socio-economic necessities of everyday Singaporean life.

This will include school going and necessary visits to temples. The central business district is close by too. Tourists could stay here indefinitely, given that all of the city state’s cultural landmarks are close by. Those who thrive on modernity and ongoing luxurious pampering are also close to home where marinas and places of entertainment are concerned. And then there is always going to be the model tenant who prefers to keep things quiet and secluded. If that’s the choice, he or she never needs to leave the complex, given that all amenities, shops restaurants and coffee bars remain affixed to the prestigious property.  

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